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Special Advantages as an ANC 8(a) Company

As an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) participating in the 8(a) Business Development Program, we offer unique benefits that enhance our capabilities in government contracting. These special provisions include:

  1. $20 Million Sole Source Contracts: ANC 8(a) companies can secure sole source contracts of up to $20 million, providing streamlined access to government procurement opportunities.

  2. Competitive Advantages with 8(a) Set-Asides: Our status enables us to compete for contracts set aside specifically for 8(a) firms, increasing our chances of success in the competitive marketplace.

  3. DoD Subcontracting Bonus: Department of Defense (DoD) contractors receive a 5% bonus when subcontracting with Native American-owned firms like ours, further incentivizing partnerships and collaboration.



Special ANC 8(a) Advantages

  1. Sole source awards can be of any size

  2. Exempt from $4M cap

    • Per 13 CFR 124.517(a)

  3. ANC 8(a) sole-source awards cannot be protested:

    • Per 13 CFR 124.517(a)

  4. Small Business Status

    • Small Business

    • SBA Certified 8(a) Program Participant

    • Small Disadvantaged Business (Native Owned)

  5. Bonding

    • Single projects over $100,000,000 within an aggregate limit of $300,000,000

SMNC Properties, LLC and SMNC Solutions, LLC are proud subsidiaries of St. Mary’s Native Corporation (SMNC). 


The 5% Subcontracting Bonus

Through our participation in the Department of Defense (DoD) Native Incentive Program, we offer a valuable benefit to DoD prime contractors: a 5% subcontracting bonus. This incentive program, mandated by statutory language and implementing regulations, rewards:

  1. DoD prime contractors that subcontract with firms that are at least 51% Native American-owned.

  2. DoD Prime contractors contractors are entitled to receive a rebate equal to 5% of the amount of the subcontract award when partnering with Native American-owned firms like ours.

  3. This bonus serves as a powerful incentive for collaboration and partnership, fostering mutually beneficial relationships and driving positive outcomes for all parties involved.

By leveraging this incentive program, we not only deliver exceptional value and expertise as subcontractors but also contribute to the success and diversity objectives of our DoD partners. Together, we can achieve greater efficiency, innovation, and impact in fulfilling the mission-critical objectives of the Department of Defense.


Contracting Officer (CO) makes the decision to sole source a project to SMNC Solutions, LLC.


SMNC Solutions, LLC receives a notification from the CO that details the project called Intent to Award letter. 


The project is then reviewed by the SBA and decides that SMNC Solutions, LLC is able to complete the project.


The CO will then receive a letter from the SBA called a letter of acceptance.


SMNC Solutions, LLC is then able to start the process of negotiations with the project. 


The contract is then awarded when the project terms and negotiations are complete and everything is agreed upon.

SMNC Solutions, LLC
Capability Statement 

SMNC Solutions LLC Capabilities Logos.jpg

 SMNC Solutions, LLC (SMS), fka Imaq Technology, LLC, is qualified to provide its government, commercial, and industrial clients with a broad range of services. We are a full-service general contractor and specialize in commercial HVAC, commercial plumbing, construction, environmental remediation, and maintenance of Government facilities. 

SMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of St. Mary's Native Corporation (SMNC). We are a company that is fluid in its ability to provide our strategic partners the teaming that best fits current opportunities. SMS is a small, disadvantaged business which is SBA 8(a) certified and an Indian Economic Enterprise. 

 Our sister company, SMNC Properties, LLC, is qualified to provide services in all phases of construction, both vertical and horizontal. SMS is closely partnered with companies that are experienced in providing commercial HVAC services, including installations and replacements for heating, air conditioning, and indoor ventilation systems. SMS’ partner is certified in providing installation and maintenance of boilers, water heaters, water treatment systems, gas & fuel delivery systems, and waste, vent & water systems. 

Codes & Certifications


  • Minority Owned Small Business

  • Alaska Native Village Corporation

  • Small Disadvantaged Business 

  • SBA 8(a) Certified 

  • Commercial Plumbing

  • Commercial HVAC

  • General Contracting

  • Base Operation Services 

  • Construction Management 

  • Network Installation Administration

  • Telecommunications & Power  


 237110 Water and Sewer Line Related Structures Construction 
236220 Commercial And Institutional Building Construction 
237130 Power And Communication Line And Related Structures Construction 
238210 Electrical Contractors And Other Wiring Installation Contractors 
238220 Plumbing, Heating, And Air Conditioning Contractors 
517919 All Other Telecommunications 
518210 Data Processing, Hosting, And Related Services 
519190 All Other Information Services 
541330 Engineering Services 
541513 Computer Facilities Management Services 
541519 Other Computer Related Services 
541611 Administrative Management And General Management Consulting Services 
541620 Environmental Consulting Services 
561210 Facilities Support Services 
UIE: E2CKEBL6DG15 / DUNS: 072466462

Bonding Capacity: $12 million Per Project $20 million Aggregate

CAGE: 883J3

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